Soywerks tips, tricks and warnings for first timers.


Soywerks tips, tricks and warnings for first timers.

Most don't realize that candles are delicate and it's very important to handle with care. Due to improper use, it can lead to insufficient burn time, lack of scent throw and even worse, a fire hazard. We at Soywerks do our best to make sure all candles go through an individual inspection prior to the seal of approval but we're humans and mistakes happen so lets prevent any of this from happening to you!

This is a very important step prior to the first light. We all know how the delivery guy/gal isn’t the most gentle at times so lets take a look at the jar. 

If you see any chips, cracks or is broke in anyway, DO NOT burn this candle and if you had any other candles in the box as well, please check them too! I want you to contact me immediately so we can resolve this problem. Burning of this candle is a fire hazard.

If candle jar is in tact, please move on to step 2.

Make sure your wick is trimmed to ¼ of an inch at all times, we pre-trim our wicks but its always best to double check. This step is vital to your candle’s burn life, Soy wax has a memory, I know its crazy right but the fact is, your first initial burn should be 1 hour per diameter. In your case, it’ll be 3 hours because the opening is 3 diameters wide. This is where the memory comes into play; it helps the wax from tunneling down the center of the jar and creates a melting pool of wax, which then increases the scent throw. Pretty cool, right!

So now we have that covered and 3 hours has burned by (where did the time go?!) we are ready to extinguish the flame. You don’t want to just openly blow on your lit candle, it’s not good to do that. You want to simply place your finger in front of your lips as if you were telling someone to “shhh” and blow your candle out like that. By doing this, there isn’t direct contact and wont blow the hot wax all over. You can also suffocate your flame by placing the lids over top but DO NOT tighten; this will form a vacuum seal. When you are ready to re-light your candle, please refer back to step too and trim your wick.

So we covered all tips and trick now for the warnings, I know where’s the fun at but this is for your precious kitty cat, cute puppy dog, irreplaceable family/children and yourself! So listen up!

Please for the love of God, burn your candle responsibly!
DO NOT leave unattended around children or pets!
DO NOT carry a lit candle around, that’s just common sense.
DO NOT sleep with a candle lit, it’s #5 on the top 10 caused of house fires.
DO NOT burn on a NON heat resistant surface.

Please remember to enjoy your Soywerks candle and burn it with love and care!