Scent list


Scent list

Apple Pie *Fall/Winter scent*

Appletosh *Fall/Year round*

Banana Nut Bread *Year round*

Bayberry  *Christmas scent*

Blueberry Cheesecake *Year round*

Candy corn *Halloween exclusive*

Caribbean Teakwood *Year round*

Cinnastick *Fall/Winter*

Cocanilla *Summer/ Year round*

Coconut Lime *Spring/Summer*

Cucumber Mint *Aromatherapy* 

Cypress & Berries *Aromatherapy/Winter*

Egyptian Amber *Year round/Summer*

Euphoria *Summer/ Year round scent*

Green Tea Lemongrass *Aromatherpy/Summer scent*

Hope *Aromatherapy/Year round*

Hawaiian Sun *Summer*

Hansel & Gretel *Winter/Christmas*

Himalayan Bamboo 

*Aromatherapy/Year round*

Lemon Burst *Aromatherapy/Year round*

Mango Tango *Spring/Summer*

Mocha Latte *Winter/Year round*

Neapolitan *Summer limited edition*

Naked *Year round*

Oakmoss & Amber *Aromatherapy/Year round* 

Pumpkin Pie *Fall/Winter*

Santa Maria *Aromatherapy/ Year round*

Vanilla *Year round*

Warm Vanilla Sugar *Year round*

If there is a scent that we have listed that isn't in season and you are interested in, please send an email.